Rugby Borough Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

Working within a regional partnership we have discovered that there is lack of open programmability in the common LLPG systems that are available in the market place. As accurate and consistent address information is so crucial to many other systems these system are a barrier to further digital adoption.

Additionally, whilst the BS7666 and DTF standards are open and available they do not encompass every local use case and can be restrictive with regards to maintaining consistent and accurate data.

We want to create an open system utilising APIs to make LLPG information instantly available to other applications and also to enhance the address information that can be held, whilst maintaining standards compatibility. This system would be web based, cloud capable and alongside the data input functions would include web mapping features to enable better understanding of the data.

Discovery evidence

During a review of available LLPG solutions in the market place with a view to procuring one which would better support the council’s digital objectives we could not find one that met all the criteria. Our LLPG custodian meets regularly with other local authorities, many of whom have discussed similar issues. During these discussions it was also identified that they suffer similar difficulties with the data standards that we do and proposed some ideas as to how they could be resolved.

Our IT Team and LLPG custodian then analysed the shortcomings with the current marketplace solutions and planned out how a replacement system would work and the milestones for development.

In a member of staff’s spare time a proof of concept system was mocked up but resource constraints have been a barrier to further progress.

  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to delivery management
  • Introduction to product management