North East Lincolnshire Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Business intelligence is critical for councils battling with priorities, budget cuts and the need to work smarter.


Reams of data and information is mainly stored in silos and not used more than once. With little integration of data and joining up of systems, opportunities are missed to focus resources on place based outcomes and users.


Data is not seen as an asset and combined with service pressures, often little regard is given for data quality or standards.


Recent work informs that vital data is not collected and systems are not being used to their full potential. We have seen little correlation between the data being entered and the expectations of what can be reported on.



We want to understand:

What data we hold

Why there are problems with extracting data

Why sharing data is an issue

What data we need to evidence progress against outcomes

The value of data in relation to decision making operationally and strategically in organisational and service design.


We want to demonstrate the value of data and set out the principles and standards that need to be in place across agencies at scale. We want to collaborate with councils interested to understand the impact and opportunity.


  • Digital and agile awareness
  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to product management
  • Agile for teams

Other training requests

It is important that all collaborators have a common language and approach. We have adopted agile delivery principles and have adapted to meet the needs of our business in doing so. This for us may be different from the purist view and learning around agile that GDS adopt. However, it is recognised that our practice may differ and if we do not think about agile practice together we all risk reverting to what we know. At NELC, we have a view of our gaps in knowledge and skills and is reflected in the training courses selected.