Lincolnshire County Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Working with City of Lincoln Council to develop a common interface where Citizens can find and access services available to them from the “Council” irrespective of if that service is provided by Lincoln City Council or Lincolnshire County Council. Essentially hiding the complexities of  Local Government and streamlining the citizens access to services though a single common interface, that could be extended to other district councils or public sector bodies than need to provide services to citizens.

Discovery evidence

We currently spend a lot of time through phone, email, mail and Social media, answering questions or pointing citizens to each other for services that the other provides, e.g. Citizens will ring the County Councils CSC to ask when their next bin collection is, or report that their bin hasn’t been collected and we then point them to the City Council’s website or to the City Councils Call Centre which isn’t a good user experience as they will often say but you’re the ‘Council’ aren’t you?
Essentially Citizens see us both as “The Council” the aim of the project is to present a single view to the Citizen online and then route requests appropriately and use the single interface to communicate with the citizen irrespective of the council who provides the service.
Reducing calls, emails etc and making sure that the citizens gets the response they need from that first contact. Reducing frustration when citizens are past between Councils, who literally sit across the road from one another.

  • Digital leadership training (for council leaders, service managers or senior executives)
  • Digital and agile awareness
  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to service design