Leeds City Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

The Council’s property arrangements in Leeds are roughly split between the strategic management of assets (acquire, lease and dispose) and the operational management (operate, inspect and maintain).

 To support this picture two services from two Council Directorates are involved – namely Asset Management (City Development) who provide the strategic leadership and overview and Housing, Property & Contracts who deal with the operation and maintenance of these assets.

 Over time a number of disparate systems and technologies have been employed to support these activities; this has resulted in a fragmented picture of property based activities across the Authority and inefficiencies when trying to ascertain the complete and definitive picture of our assets.

We believe that this picture is not uncommon and that other Authorities are faced with the same issues. 

This Discovery project therefore will seek to determine the extent of the problems and to attribute costs to this way of working from a user journey perspective. 

A costed Business Case will be produced outlining the costs and dis-benefits of the current way of working together with a costed proposal for a more efficient way of managing this picture which also considers the use of spatial data.


  • Digital leadership training (for council leaders, service managers or senior executives)
  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to digital business analysis