Elmbridge Borough Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

At a recent internal management conference we discussed how we can provide a compassionate service to residents most in need, whilst under pressure to deliver savings. Every department agreed that identifying early opportunities to provide help and signpost to services are key, however due to siloed working and the split between services provided by district and borough councils and other organisations people in crisis can find themselves stuck in the system and being passed between departments and organisations. We would like to pick a scenario where a resident needs support from multiple teams / departments (e.g. homelessness) and understand more about where delays and pain points are from the customer point of view. One of the causes of stress identified already is from customers unsure of the status of their case and having to chase different people for answers. We would like to look into whether a digital solution can be developed that enables collaboration between different departments and providers, in an open way that keeps the customer involved. 

  • Digital leadership training (for council leaders, service managers or senior executives)
  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to digital business analysis