Chiltern District Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils are delivering a Customer Experience Programme, providing a consistent level of service to customers regardless of the service and channel used. We will ensure the Councils resolve requests at the first point of contact wherever possible, equipping staff with the information and knowledge to provide a quality service. We will  increase our digital offering, so the customer can interact with the Councils digitally with no degradation of service.  We deliver the waste service for Wycombe District Council and will be working with them. 

Working with a technology provider, we will design, build, and test the customer journey when they make a service request. We will develop integrations into back office systems, and proactively present information to the customer with real time updates and notifications. This will apply to every service and our designs could support other councils to develop.

We will centralise our customer service provision, and achieve channel shift, which will yield benefits of £500,000 per annum, with a more effective and efficient service for customers. We are confident our programme will be a model for other authorities, and we will share our experience to support them to provide the best possible service.


Discovery evidence

As part of the strategy for the Customer Experience Programme a Full Business Case was developed, considering the activities that needed to take place. We ensured robust volume analysis was undertaken, and with the service areas we co-designed core end-to-end processes, to ensure there was no ambiguity as to the hand off points between Customer Services and the operational service teams.

We also finalised the financial benefits following the volume analysis, using the collected data. Working with all of our 12 service areas, we developed a service catalogue to design the scope of services they offer, aligning these to the end-to-end processes. We established a full set of requirements and a corresponding contract schedule, to help further define the solution architecture, which informed the procurement specification for our technology partner.

We ensured all service areas were fully engaged with the programme, co-designing with the service areas wherever possible, keeping them informed and ensuring they participate throughout the process.

Please use the following URL to see our Full Business Case. When you arrive at the link, please click on APPENDIX 1: Full Business Case to see the details.


  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to digital business analysis