Cheshire East Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

All councils face increased demand to provide intelligent digital solutions whilst ensuring that GDPR principles are met. Three million people moved between councils in England and Wales during 2017, which is part of an upward trend.

The proposed solution Local Authority Digital Switch Service enables a seamless customer journey between authorities, providing an option for digital customers to consent to transfer data/benefits/services to a new authority.

This will allow the gaining authority to start the switch process, utilising notifications for updates. Change of address triggers the process which can be extended to other use cases.

Key functionality:

  • GDPR portability – GDPR requirements and principles are observed.
  • Data integrity – Reliable data assists in identifying vulnerable people coming into the borough
  • Enhanced customer experience – National single view of the customer
  • Reduced costs – Reduced re-keying with data maintained
  • Tell us once cascade – Downstream data integration with key systems and processes

Discovery process will include working with an existing supplier  who provide account services to 30% (100+) of all UK councils.

Alpha or post alpha there is potential to promote as part with GDS ‘Gov.UK Switch’ with view to extending the Gov.UK suite (currently Notify, Pay and Verify).

  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to delivery management
  • Agile for teams

Other training requests

Cheshire East Digital Programme has been running for approximately three years and as it looks to consider the next phase of the Digital journey which will focus on the wider Digital opportunities and a deeper dive into existing digital solutions. With this in mind It would seem to be a good opportunity to re-inforce/revisit the fundamental skillsets for identifying and delivering ‘Digital Options’. Likely areas are agile for teams, Introduction to user research and Introduction to delivery management