Cheshire East Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

To develop an existing Computer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ICT product that is currently being rolled out in the sub region of Cheshire East, Cheshire West & Chester and Warrington

Existing Product

cCBT is an interactive computer programme that guides individual(s) though the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) as a therapist would. The programme provides drug free treatment options for individuals who have mild to moderate mental health conditions including, depression, anxiety, phobias, OCD, sleep problems and drug/alcohol misuse. By focusing on the ‘here and now’, the guided self-help therapy can help individuals to change behaviours, challenge negative thoughts, provide additional coping skills and work towards helping them to reduce their current symptoms.

 Development Idea

The current product is not usable for people with a learning disability with limited literacy skills.

This development project would be to develop a user interface using easy read symbols and pictures rather than words and so make it accessible to people with learning disabilities.

Local Authorities Involved

Cheshire East Borough Council, Cheshire West & Chester City Council and  Warrington Borough Council

  • Introduction to user research

Other training requests

Training requirements would be Introduction to user research