Cheshire East Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Existing paper-based processes were resource hungry and slow, not in the least because of the need to coordinate work and processes across organisational boundaries.

As part of a previous  discovery piece an exercise was undertaken in mapping the user journey and challenging the status quo to identify where digital technologies could speed up and improve delivery:

  • streamlining access to the service
  • removing wasteful manual administration and paper processes
  • enabling data to be securely shared across organisational boundaries
  • providing mobile working for all staff

The identified solution uses intelligent web forms to ensure all necessary information is accurately gathered at the first point.  Intuitive workflow automates and securely routes information seamlessly across organisational boundaries through referral, assessment, eligibility checks, technical specification to approval and successful implementation.

Performance data evidences the success.  Improved productivity has doubled the number of DFG’s delivered.  Backlogs have been reduced and delivery is exceeding the commissioners stretch targets.  In terms of UX – 94% rate their experience as satisfied or excellent.

Working with Firmstep who supply to over 100 councils we would build on the discovery phase output to deliver an improved common solution that is configurable to local delivery structures.

Discovery evidence

Scarborough Council Home Improvement Agency worked closely with Health and Social Care partners in North Yorkshire to redesign the process for Disabled Facility Grants.

Consultation with system users was integral to the Discovery phase.   After mapping the user journey with all key stakeholders, an initial prototype was built on a demo site.  This enabled all system users to test the solution and feedback.  Feedback informed iterative development and improvement.  When we were confident in the process it was verified and signed off by users.  Since go live feedback and performance data have enabled us to identify the areas where we can continue to innovate and improve the process.

One of the issues we encountered was the levels of understanding about some technical operating systems with different organisations – not all partners systems were up to date and this caused some initial compatibility and governance problems.  These were quickly addressed once a full understanding of the technology and security issues were shared.

As with any major technology change there were initial teething problems, however the inclusive development process ensured confidence and trust was built across partners.

Discovery findings and outcomes are available on request

  • Introduction to product management

Other training requests

Other bids have requested training which can be reused where appropriate.