Cheshire East Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Live Well Cheshire is an online information and support service for people of all ages with a directory of 3,000 services including commissioned and non-commissioned community offerings.  The service has one main ambition, in providing residents access to the things they need, to manage their own care needs and ultimately live longer and healthier lives independently.

People looking for specific information and advice are provided with information and related local services.  The current offering will soon be extended with health app suggestions and will link to a new personal health record application.  This third-party service will give people access to their own health record, the ability to interact with their health care providers, and 19 languages for patients who do not speak English or learned English as a second language.

A survey has identified 102 languages are spoken across Cheshire East Schools.  Although Live Well Cheshire East identifies services in the directory that offer multiple language support, it does not currently offer full language support for the information and advice content.  Funding is sought to extend the service with this facility, ensuring health and social care terms not typically used in everyday conversation can be communicated in an accessible way.

  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to digital business analysis

Other training requests

Cheshire East Digital Programme has been running for approximately three years and as it looks to consider the next phase of the Digital journey which will focus on the wider Digital opportunities and a deeper dive into existing digital solutions. With this in mind It would seem to be a good opportunity to re-inforce/revisit the fundamental skillsets for identifying and delivering ‘Digital Options’. Likely areas are Introduction to user research. And Introduction to digital business analysis