Cheshire East Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Cheshire East council have been looking for a retrieval chatbot solution to support the channel shift element of their digital programme, where we offer more end-to-end transactional processes online and increase take-up releasing resource and reducing costs.

We are looking at 2 specific areas internal help desk and external customers.

Currently 30% of our online requests are created outside of traditional opening hours (08:00-17:00) and although this is expected to grow we are aware that 25% of online requests are not completed.

It is also thought that 30%? of all internal helpdesk enquiries  could be successfully had through a chatbot solution, without the need of human intervention.

Our discovery project will explore how we can implement an open source information chatbot integrating with our customer experience platform. We will also explore how we best consolidate, store and structure our knowledge sources from which the information chatbot will answer questions from.

Our current third party digital partner support over 25% of local authorities and we would look to integrate with the ‘chatbot’ solution.

  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to digital business analysis

Other training requests

Cheshire East Digital Programme has been running for approximately three years and as it looks to consider the next phase of the Digital journey which will focus on the wider Digital opportunities and a deeper dive into existing digital solutions. With this in mind It would seem to be a good opportunity to re-inforce/revisit the fundamental skillsets for identifying and delivering ‘Digital Options’. Likely areas are introduction to user research and Introduction to digital business analysis