Trialling small digital initiatives to improve engagement rates

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This pilot focused on whether small digital initiatives can improve consultation engagement rates and the demographic spread of respondents to the Local Plan. In addition, the pilot sought to evaluate which initiatives were most effective at doing so. 

The team worked with Maddison Graphic to create a range of graphics and illustrations to support communication about the role of Local Plan. This included banner images, a visual timeline and icons that could sit on the Councils webpages and be displayed with the digital consultation. Before the project was delivered, the Local Plan webpage was plain text which can sometimes be off-putting and hard to engage with for many people.  

The wider objectives of the project were to make the consultation and webpages more visually appealing and easy to read; build a case for greater focus on planning focused digital engagement; understand the procurement process for commissioning designers and share learnings with other councils who may not have a strong digital precedent for Local Plan consultation. 

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