Area and map-based consultation platform

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This pilot explored creating an interactive and map-based consultation platform with Urban Intelligence that allowed communities to view and comment on plans for their local areas and understand the justification for decisions made by the council. 

The online, highly visual, area & map-based platform was used to support consultation on the emerging Borough Character and Design Code SPD which detailed the character of the borough and proposed a growth strategy with visions for specific areas. 

Through allowing data to be selected and viewed by place or topic, it ensured the public could access the information that is important to them, that seldom heard groups could be targeted and that residents could understand balanced approaches and justifications for decisions taken.  

Collectively, the tools’ features sought to provide an interactive journey for participants, delivering an enhanced and streamlined consultation experience to enable a wider number of people to participate in the borough’s planning consultations, reflective of Hounslow’s diverse population.

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