London Borough of Croydon

There’s no pan-local government ‘playbook’ describing how to make code sharing work in practice. We believe this discourages collaboration, and leads to painful reinventions of the wheel in councils where it’s tried.   Our Discovery project will work through the issues that […]

LGSS (Northamptonshire County Council)

Open source communities and practices in technology have been around since the early 1960s with many academics distributing free and open software to encourage and support openness and co-operation. As […]

Roayl Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Internet technologies around IoT are promising radical improvements in how we serve our residents and businesses. This gives rise to a range of emerging opportunities to achieve significant social and […]

London Borough of Camden

Like many other authorities Camden’s Planning Service is an end to end service that covers all aspects of planning from plan making (strategic planning, local plans, planning guidance and supporting […]

Wycombe District Council

The purpose of planning is to ensure that the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefitting communities, the economy and the environment. Large quantities of […]

Wycombe District Council

The purpose of planning is to ensure that the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefitting communities, the economy and the environment. The benefits and […]

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

This discovery project breaks into three parts a common problem facing local authorities; The first part of the common problem is understanding whether voice truly represents a long-term change in […]

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Across all local authorities there are significant numbers of staff spending their time out of the office. These staff rely on systems which create as many barriers to doing an […]

East Lindsey District Council

East Lindsey District Council alongside Boston Borough Council and South Holland District Council cover 2,250 km² of East Lincolnshire with a combined population of over 300,000. The sparsely distributed population […]

Greater London Authority

Information gathered through the planning system operates as the gateway to development for residents, objectors and builders as well as a go to place for post occupancy information.  The quality […]

Cheshire East Council

The problem of low account take-up exists in many authorities; particularly with low take-up across high volume transactional services such as Benefits; Council Tax; Rent etc. Some of the perceived […]

North Devon Council

At the moment, none of the partner authorities have sufficient skills or capacity to carry out effective user research. Therefore we are all unsure whether we are meeting user needs. […]

Bristol City Council

A recent Select Committee report concluded that “the Government does not understand citizen’s views on how their data should be used” ( This knowledge gap problem exists at national, regional […]

Stevenage Borough Council

Stevenage Borough Council and East Herts District Council run  shared ICT and Revenue and benefits partnership. At present many processes and information transfers within both organisations are a manual process.  […]

London Borough of Lambeth

This alpha does not follow-on from a single discovery project, but is the result of insights that have become clear during other projects by the partners and their collaborators. These […]

Gateshead Council

The alpha stage of the project will be the development of a digital planning tool (the Tool) which will be a live functional prototype based on Gateshead Council data to […]

Southwark Council

From our discovery, we identified council tenants’ and leaseholders’ user needs and barriers for going online to report and book a repair and that a common service pattern for online […]

London Borough of Southwark

Our work during discovery was largely focussed on exploring the user needs of planning officers to understand the challenges they face and the potential benefits of improving the back-end management […]

London Borough of Hackney

The structure of local and central government lends itself to public organisations working in silos to devise solutions to meet their own needs. This leads to huge inefficiencies through duplication […]

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

HMLR Local Land Charges (LLC) project aims to streamline the LLC ‘service’. Its scope did not include the second element of the current service i.e. provision of replies to questions, which […]