Excellence In Local Government

The event if free to attend for senior professional from local government organisations and includes an overnight stay at the venue.

Speakers include;

Bobby ​Mulheir, Assistant Director-Customer Experience, Digital & ICT, Bracknell Forest Council
Cliff ​Dean, Chief Information Officer, North Kesteven ​District Council
Mike ​Harris, Deputy Chief Executive, Southampton City Council
Donna ​Nolan, Managing Director, Watford ​Borough Council
James Battle, Head of IT, Eastleigh Borough ​Council
Steven Fry Chief Digital Officer Salford City Council

During this meeting, all attendees will be able to share their own experiences and the challenges they are currently facing. In addition, you will then have the opportunity to look at different ways of addressing these problems and an overall look at where we were, where we are and what needs to be done to get to where we need to be.
Event website: https://www.oscarkrane.com/excellence-in-local-government.html