Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel for Absolute Beginners


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This course provides an accessible entry-point into the fascinating world of data analysis.


Data analysis skills are in high demand, but can be hard to grow if you don’t have a solid basis in maths or data literacy. This course has been designed for people of all ages to provide a solid introduction to data concepts and structures.

Start building your data literacy
You’ll start to build foundational knowledge of data, from simple data literacy through to analysing data and understanding the environments where data exists at work and in our lives in general. You’ll then move on to understanding what ‘telling stories with data’ actually means and how you can do it.

Begin a journey to a career in data or just understand the data landscape
You can use this course to get started on the path to becoming a data analyst, or you can use it to become more data literate so that you can understand how businesses use your data, why that may be a problem, and which aspects of your own data are important.

Gain an introduction to data analysis and foundation for further learning
Throughout the course, we’ll reference additional courses and learning paths you can take to continue on your data knowledge journey. Once you’ve completed this course, you will have the skills and confidence to continue learning and building on the core concepts explained within.

Who this course is suitable for

This course has been developed for anybody who would like to grow their understanding of data analysis. This may include aspiring analysts in any industry, managers who need to learn data analytics, and aspiring data scientists, engineers, software developers, or AI engineers.

It’s also for anybody who wants a better understanding of today’s data landscape and how it applies to them.

What you’ll achieve

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Apply the understanding of data’s many contexts, origins and applications in life, work, and society
  • Discuss the different types of data
  • Demonstrate a summary statistics to analyse and understand data sets
  • Engage with introductory level data and mathematical concepts

Who developed this course

CloudSwyft Global Systems, Inc.
CloudSwyft has partnered with the top global technology companies to deliver cutting edge digital skills learning across the modern workplace.

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